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Let us go forth, the tellers of tales, and seize whatever prey the heart long for, and have no fear. Everything exists, everything is true, and the earth is only a little dust under our feet.


November 2012

Daily Huddle about Integrity

“Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful.”

Samuel Johnson – English author, critic, & lexicographer (1709 – 1784)   


Success Secret

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

Colin Powell – Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff (1989-93)

An illusion, no matter how convincing is still just an illusion.

-Douglas Quaid A.K.A Carl Hauser-

Seven Principles of Steve Jobs

– Do what you love

– Put a dent in the universe

– Kick start your brain

– Sell dreams, not products

– Say no to 1,000 things

– Create insanely great experiences

– Master the message

Source : Forbes Magazine Interview with Steve Jobs

Pursue the Happiness

It was right then that I started thinking about Thomas Jefferson on the Declaration of Independence and the part about our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And I remember thinking how did he know to put the pursuit part in there? That maybe happiness is something that we can only pursue and maybe we can actually never have it. No matter what. How did he know that?

Pursuit of Happyness – Christopher Gardner

The Amazing Spiderman Quotes

  • Uncle Ben to Peter Parker : You’re a lot like your father, you really are, Peter, and that’s a good thing. But your father lived by a philosophy, a principle, really. He believed that if you could do good things for other people you had a moral obligation to do those things. That’s what’s at stake here. Not choice. Responsibility.
  • Aunt May : Peter, listen to me. Secrets have a cost. They’re not for free. Not now, not ever.
  • Dr. Connors : That, changing like the snake, I might be free to cast of flesh wherein I dwell confined.
  • Uncle Ben’s Voice : Peter, I know things have been difficult lately and I’m sorry about that. I think I know what you’re feeling. Ever since you were a little boy you’ve been living with so many unresolved things. Well, take it from an old man: “Those things send us down a road. They make us who we are. And if anyone’s destined for greatness, it’s you, son. You owe the world your gifts. You just have to figure out how to use them. And know that wherever they take you we’ll always be here.”
    So come on home, Peter. You’re my hero. And I love you.

The dust under our feet

“Let us go forth, the tellers of tales

and seize whatever prey the heart long for, and have no fear.

Everything exists, everything is true,

and the earth is only a little dust under our feet.”

“Mari terus maju, hai Juru-Juru Dongeng!

Tangkaplah setiap sasaran tujuan hati. Dan jangan takut.

Segala sesuatunya ada, segala sesuatunya benar,

Dan bumi hanyalah sebutir debu di bawah telapak kaki kita.”

The Celtic Twilight – W.B. Yeats

Fill my blank page!

Tabula rasa is the epistemological theory that individuals are born without built-in mental content and that their knowledge comes from experience and perception. Generally proponents of the tabula rasa thesis favour the “nurture” side of the nature versus nurture debate, when it comes to aspects of one’s personality, social and emotional behaviour, and intelligence. The term in Latin equates to the English “blank slate”.”

Source :

Imanen atau imanensi adalah faham yang menekankan berpikir dengan diri sendiri atau subyektif.Istilah imanensi berasal dari Bahasa Latin immanere yang berarti “tinggal di dalam”.Imanen adalah lawan kata dari transenden.”

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